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Gorgeous Media Group is a boutique talent management firm started by veteran entertainment mogul Versa Manos.  Our company was founded upon her deep knowledge of the industry, along with highly specialized skills in PR and marketing, and strong connections which Versa has cultivated for years.  Gorgeous Media Group represents artist: actors, musicians, writers, and directors; provided goal-orientated guidance to its clients as they navigate a career in the arts.  We provide our clients with encouragement and support, candid discussions and frank consultations, as we endeavor to assist them in achieving their dreams.  


Gorgeous Media Group is adept at developing talent as it is at giving direction to more established artists.  We keep a small and selective roster of artists, choosing to maintain a personal connection with our clients.


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Our approach to talent management, the Gorgeous Media Group philosophy, revolves around passionate dedication to the development of an artist. Through careful career consultation and the implementation of targeted strategies, we work with agents to secure opportunities for our clients, which propel them toward their goals. We believe in the power of team-work; the artist, the agent, and our office are all working together, and we can achieve success by aligning our efforts and moving forward together.

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